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About Me

Born in St. Louis Missouri, Carol Thompson-Robinson knew from age 5 that art was in her blood and that creativity and inspiring through art was her calling.  Carol is an all around artistic person, she has worked in every artistic medium  including dance, vocal and instrumental music, writing , theater, and of course, visual art in which she currently holds a BFA.

Carol attended Fisk University where she was privileged to study under such great artists as Earl J. Hooks and LeFran Fort. From them, her interest in traditional  African art and culturally thematic art was fostered, including learning such things as the Aaron Douglas technique.

Carol, a consummate artisan of performing arts in Brazilian, Caribbean and traditional African and interpretive dance styles, was a principle dancer with "AFI AMA/Wafafanisha Wachanaga", an African dance group that performed across Missouri and Illinois for 15 years. She was honored to be a lead singer on the groups first CD entitled "Kwanzaa Ceremonial Music." She has also performed with such groups as NIM ( Ngoma In Motion), Sudan Illustrators and Katherine Dunham  Dance  Ensemble.

Carol also has partnered with other groups and organizations such as Good Journey Development Foundation, The African Arts Festival, and numerous schools in the St. Louis Metropolitan area, to provide guidance for youth and young adults through the use of art.


Carol has participated in several shows in St. Louis including:

“The Metro Art Exchange - Urban League” Exhibit (2013) at the Regional Arts Commission

“I am Art” Exhibit and Performance Event (2012)

“Art of the City” (2011)

Local Art Exhibit Show for Area Agencies on Aging Conference (2010)

“Post Script” Art Exhibit (2008)

“Exit Show” UMSL BFA Thesis Art Exhibit (2008)

“Women On the Move” Art Exhibit (2007)

MwazaCarol, (Mwaza - meaning Creative, Thoughtful, Imaginative person) is a Kiswahili word and  the tag that she uses to sign her art and the inspiration and reminder of how to live life and create art.

"Like every other book, it would be confined by a cover and limited to type. Nevertheless, it had to have, for want of a better word, a sound, a very special sound. A sound made up of all the elements that distinguished black life (its peculiar brand of irony, oppression, versatility, madness, joy, strength, shame, honor, triumph, grace and stillness) as well as those qualities that identified it with all of mankind (compassion, anger, foolishness, courage, self-deception and vision). And it must concentrate on life as lived (not as imagined) by the people: the anonymous men and women who speak."


             Toni Morrison, The Black Book


Although this quote is about a book, it can be applied to all art forms. Its what I hear when I look at my drawings.