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Carol Robinson - Artist Statement

My belief is that it is most important for an artist to develop an approach and philosophy about life - if he has developed this philosophy, he does not put paint on canvas, he puts himself on canvas."

                           Jacob Lawrence   
                          (African-American Artist)

    I am a third generation artist and I am very grateful for it.  My philosophy is to make art that is captivating; created for pleasure, enjoyment and functionality.  I utilize a kaleidoscope of materials to bring energy to life – canvas, natural pigments, cloth, wood, clay, metal, natural paper/papyrus and so much more. I use these materials because they lend an energy and spirit to my work which transcends and speaks universally. These materials are rooted in the Diaspora of African culture. When inspired, I use that energy to connect to those around me in the form of paintings, drawings, carvings on wood, paper and cloth, metal etchings, and ceramics.


    To me, a painting is not just color on canvas but a view into something that one’s eyes don’t necessarily see. I create art for a purpose, for people to use and enjoy. A picture is painted so it can be put up and enjoyed not locked away in a safe; bowls sculpted from clay or carved from wood are meant to be eaten from and enjoyed. My art is created to be experienced.


     My art is the life I lead, have led and want to lead. I laugh my art, I sing my art, I dance my art and I enjoy my art. It represents many mornings of sending my daughters to school, it represents many afternoons of watching old men sitting on porches and it represents evenings of children playing kickball in the streets. My art is the sound of ambulances and guns, of graduations and lives lived fully that transition at 90 years of age.  My art is the sound that the deejays play in basement parties, street parties and club parties. It is the basis for my heart to beat and for me to live… VISUAL SOUND… that wants to be …needs to be…and has to be shared… to make change, inspire and be revolutionary….

    Eat out of my carved bowl and be inspired!